Paper # Title Authors
1 WEmbSim: A Simple yet Effective Metric for Image Captioning Naeha Sharif, Lyndon White, Mohammed Bennamoun, Wei Liu, Syed Afaq Ali Shah
2 Monocular Rotational Odometry with Incremental Rotation Averaging and Loop Closure Chee Kheng Chng, Alvaro Parra, Tat-Jun Chin, Yasir Latif
3 Evolutionary Attention Network for Medical Image Segmentation Tahereh Hassanzadeh, Daryl Essam, Sarker Ruhul
4 HCI for Elderly, Measuring Visual Complexity of Webpages Based on Machine Learning Zahra Sadeghi, Elaheh Homayounvala, Mostafa Borhani
7 Visualizing and Understanding Inherent Image Features in CNN-based Glaucoma Detection Dhaval Vaghjiani, Sajib K Saha, Yann Connan, Shaun Frost
9 Synthetic Data for the Analysis of Archival Documents: Handwriting Determination Christian Bartz, Laurenz Seidel, Duy-Hung Nguyen, Joseph Bethge, Haojin Yang, Meinel Christoph
10 Vis-CRF: A Simplified Filtering Model for Vision Nasim Nematzadeh, David M W Powers, Trent Lewis
12 Evaluation of U-Net CNN Approaches for Human Neck MRI Segmentation Abdullah Al Suman, Yash Khemchandani, Md Asikuzzaman, Alexandra Louise Webb
13 Base-Package Recommendation Framework Based on Consumer Behaviours in IPTV Platform Kuruparan Shanmugalingam, Ruwinda Ranganayake, Chanaka Gunawardhana, Rajitha Navarathna
14 Multitask Learning for Video-based Surgical Skill Assessment Zhiteng Jian, Wenxi Yue, Qiuxia Wu, Wei Li, Zhiyong Wang, Vincent Lam
15 Multi-species Seagrass Detection and Classification from Underwater Images Scarlett Raine, Ross Marchant, Peyman Moghadam, Frederic Maire, Brett Kettle, Brano Kusy
18 Dynamic Decision Boundary for One-class Classifiers applied to non-uniformly Sampled Data Riccardo La Grassa, Ignazio Gallo, Nicola Landro
19 Pseudo Supervised Solar Panel Mapping based on Deep Convolutional Networks with Label Correction Strategy in Aerial Images Jue Zhang, Xiuping Jia, Jiankun Hu
21 Fruit Detection in the Wild: The Impact of Varying Conditions and Cultivar Michael Halstead, Simon Denman, Clinton Fookes, Chris McCool
22 Density-Based Vehicle Counting with Unsupervised Scale Selection Petr Dobe, Jakub Pa Hel, Vojt Ch Bartl, Roman Juránek, Adam Herout
25 Contour Detection of Multiple Moving Objects in Unconstrained Scenes using Optical Strain Maria Oliver-Parera, Julien Muzeau, Patrica Ladret, Pascal Bertolino
26 PS8-Net: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Predict the Eight-State Protein Secondary Structure Md Aminur Rab Ratul, Maryam Tavakol Elahi, Mohammad Hamed M.H Mozaffari, Won-Sook Lee
29 $\Mcal^2$-Net: A Multi-scale Multi-level Feature Enhanced Network for Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images Xinhai Ye, Fengchao Xiong, Jianfeng Lu, Haifeng Zhao, Jun Zhou
30 Moving object detection for humanoid navigation in cluttered dynamic indoor environments using a confidence tracking approach Prabin Kumar Rath,  Alex Ramirez-Serrano,  Dilip Kumar Pratihar
33 Space-Time Skeletal Analysis with Jointly Dual-Stream ConvNet for Action Recognition Thien Huynh-The, Cam-Hao Hua, Nguyen Anh Tu, Dong-Seong Kim
34 UNET-Based Multi-Task Architecture for Brain Lesion Segmentation Ava Assadi Abolvardi, Len Hamey, Kevin Ho-Shon
35 Recurrent Motion Neural Network for Low Resolution Drone Detection Hamish C Pratt, Bernard JE Evans, Thomas Rowntree, Ian Reid, Steven Wiederman
37 3D Reconstruction of Edge Line by ICP-based Matching with Geometric Constraints Kojiro Takeyama
39 Fusing Visual Features and Metadata to Detect Flooding in Flickr Images Rabiul Islam Jony,  Alan Woodley, Dimitri Perrin
40 Using Environmental Context to Synthesis Missing Pixels Thaer Ali, Alan Woodley
41 Max-Variance Convolutional Neural Network Model Compression Tanya Boone Sifuentes, Antonio Robles-Kelly, Asef Nazari
42 FANet: Feature Aggregation Network for Semantic Segmentation Tanmay Singha, Duc-Son Pham, Aneesh Krishna
43 Temporal 3D RetinaNet for fish detection Zhou Shen, Chuong Nguyen
44 Efficient Brain Tumor Segmentation with Dilated Multi-fiber Network and Weighted Bi-directional Feature Pyramid Network Thanh Hau Nguyen, Zhiyong Wang
45 Secure Fingerprint Authentication with Homomorphic Encryption Wencheng Yang, Song Wang, Kan Yu, James J Kang, Mike Johnstone
47 Branch Profiles for Shape Analysis Zayed Asiri, Brianna Martin, Murk Bottema
50 Recent Data Augmentation Strategies for Deep Learning in Plant Phenotyping and Their Significance Douglas PS Gomes, Lihong Zheng
51 MixCaps: Capsules With Iteration Free Routing Ifty M. Rezwan, Mirza B Ahmed, Shazzad S Sourav, Ezab Quader, Arafat Hossain, Nabeel Mohammed
53 A-DeepPixBis: Attentional Angular Margin for Face Anti-Spoofing Md. Sourave Hossain, Labiba Rupty, Koushik Roy, Md Hasan, Shirshajit Sen Gupta, Nabeel Mohammed
57 A Novel Signature Watermarking Scheme for Identity Protection Sunpreet Sharma, Ju Jia Zou, Gu Fang
58 PlaneCalib: Automatic Camera Calibration by Multiple Observations of Rigid Objects on Plane Vojt Ch Bartl, Roman Juránek, Jakub Pa Hel, Adam Herout
59 Learning Affordance Segmentation: An Investigative Study Chau Nguyen Duc Minh, Syed Zulqarnain Gilani, Syed Islam, David Suter
61 An improved method for pylon extraction and vegetation encroachment analysis in high voltage transmission lines using LiDAR data Nosheen Munir
63 Dual image and mask synthesis with GANs for semantic segmentation in optical coherence tomography  Jason Kugelman, David Alonso-Caneiro, Scott A. Read, Stephen J. Vincent, Fred K. Chen, and Michael J.Collins
67 W-A net: Leveraging Atrous and Deformable Convolutions for Efficient Text Detection Zoya Khan, Sukhad Anand
70 Dual-Stage Domain Adaptive Mitosis Detection for Histopathology Images Veena Dodballapur, Yang Song, Heng Huang, Mei Chen, Wojciech Chrzanowski, Weidong Cai
71 Generalised Zero-shot Learning with Multi-modal Embedding Spaces Rafael Felix, Michele Sasdelli, Ben Harwood, Gustavo Carneiro
72 Object based remote sensing using Sentinel data Connor McLaughlin, Alan Woodley, Shlomo Geva, Timothy Chappell, Wayne Kelly, Wageeh Boles, Dimitri Perrin, Lance De Vine, Holly Hutson
73 Attentive Inception Module based Convolutional Neural Network for Image Enhancement Purbaditya Bhattacharya, Udo Zoelzer
74 Automatic Assessment of Open Street Maps Database Quality using Aerial Imagery Boris Repasky
75 A 3D-2D Registration Method for Stereo Scan Overlay on Structure from Motion Model Deepak Rajamohan, Matthew Garratt, Mark Pickering
76 Tuna Nutriment Tracking using Trajectory Mapping in Application to Aquaculture Fish Tank Muhamad Hilmil Muchtar Aditya Pradana, Keiichi Horio
77 Automated Pneumoconiosis Detection on Chest X-Rays Using Cascaded Learning with Real and Synthetic Radiographs Dadong Wang
78 Network-based structure flow estimation Shu Liu, Nick Barnes, Haolei Ye, Robert Mahony
79 SL3D – Single Look 3D Object Detection based on RGB-D Images Gopi Krishna Erabati, Helder Araujo
83 Exploring Intensity Invariance in Deep Neural Networks for Brain Image Registration Hassan Mahmood, Asim Iqbal, Syed Islam
84 Pixel-RRT*: A Novel Skeleton Trajectory Search Algorithm for Hepatic Vessels Jianfeng Zhang
85 One-Shot learning based classification for segregation of plastic waste Shivaank Agarwal, Ravindra Gudi, Paresh Saxena
86 Miss Yoga: A Yoga Assistant Mobile Application Based on Keypoint Detection Renhao Huang, Jiqing Wang, Haodong Lu, Bofei Wang, Haowei Lou
87 Automated Computational Diagnosis of Peripheral Retinal Pathology in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scans using Graph Theory Tyra Lange, Stewart Lake, Karen Reynolds, Murk Bottema
88 An Improved Discriminator for GAN-Based Trajectory Prediction Models Renhao Huang, Yang Song, Maurice Pagnucco
89 CNN to Capsule Network Transformation Takumi Sato, Kazuhiro Hotta
90 Strawberry Detection using Mixed Training on Simulated and Real Data Akansel Cosgun, Sunny Goondram, Dana Kuli
91 A Survey on Training Free 3D Texture-less Object Recognition Techniques Piyush Joshi, Ali Rastegarpanah, Rustam Stolkin
92 Furrow Mapping of Sugarcane Billet Density Using Deep Learning and Object Detection Jordan P Scott, Andrew Busch
93 Feature-Extracting Functions for Neural Logic Rule Learning Shashank Gupta, Antonio Robles-Kelly
94 3D Reconstruction and Object Detection for HoloLens Zequn Wu, Tianhao Zhao, Chuong Nguyen