Bargaining Council For The Civil Engineering Industry Collective Agreement

The Construction and Civil Engineering Negotiation Council (BCCEI) took an unprecedented step in April 2020, when the Commission announced that it would forego administrative contributions and contributions to BCCEI`s litigation for this month. The BCCEI has announced that it will extend this exemption until May 2020, with the aim of providing urgent facilities to an already struggling industrial sector. This is an important step because BCCEI does not receive grants or grants from the government and is its only source of revenue through administration and the contentious charges that will be collected by registered civil engineering firms. These taxes are used for the day-to-day operation and operation of this trading board. BCCEI, which represents two unions and two employers` organizations, provides a number of valuable services for the civil engineering sector. Currently, the Commission continues to work on contactless methods and continues to advocate for the rapid delivery of services to the industry. BCCEI Collective Agreement on Wages and Functions – expiring August 31, 2021 . . . BCCEI General Secretary Nick Faasen said the Board made this decision because it is fully aware of the current situation of employers and workers. “Households and cash flows are under enormous pressure following the declaration of the National State of Disaster and the subsequent implementation of the national blockade, which has continued to grow. We recognize that many people in our industry are likely to have less income, and we think it`s important to work together to find ways to reduce spending wherever possible,” says Faasen.