Business Deposit Agreement

As used in this document, the terms “we,” “our” and “we” mean the financial institution and the words “you” and “you” mean the account holder and anyone else authorized to deposit, withdraw or control the funds in the account. However, this agreement does not intend and the terms “you” and “you” should not be interpreted to increase an individual`s responsibility for the responsibility of an organization. If this account is held by a company, partnership or other organization, individual liability is determined by the laws generally applicable to this type of organization. The titles of this document are designed only in terms of simplicity or reference and do not govern the interpretation of the provisions. If this were not inconsistent, the words and phrases used in this document should be interpreted in such a way that the singular contains the plural and the plural the singular. Remember that even after we have made money available to you and you have withdrawn the money, you are responsible for the cheques you deposit and returned to us without pay, and for all other problems related to your deposit. Accounts can be opened by a trustee. An agent is someone who is responsible for acting on behalf of and for the benefit of someone else. We are not responsible for the actions of an agent, including the misuse of funds. This account may be opened and managed by a person or person designated as an agent under a written trust agreement, or by an executor, administrator or curator, by order of the court.

You understand that by simply opening such an account, we do not act as an agent in relation to the trust and we do not assume the obligation to monitor or enforce the terms of the trust or letters. The purpose of the deposit guarantee is not: deposits deposited at the time of the unavailability of deposits by the Estonian or foreign state or by the following Estonian or foreign persons are not guaranteed or compensated: 1) deposits of local authorities; 2) deposits from another credit institution; 3) insurance or reinsurance company deposits; 4. deposits from investment companies or investment funds; 5. Investment firm deposits; 6. Deposits of the electronic money establishment; 7. Deposits from payment institutions; 8. deposits from creditors or credit intermediaries; 9. Deposits of another financial institution not mentioned in the above-mentioned clauses 4 to 8, including a holding financial company, a joint holding finance company and an asset management company, in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 26, of Regulation (EU) No. 200/2013. Regulation (EC) 575/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council on Prudential Requirements for Credit Institutions and Investment Companies and Regulation (EU) No. 648/2012 (JO 27.06.2013, p.

1-337), excluding insurance holding companies and joint insurance companies within the meaning of the Republic of Estonia`s Insurance Activity Act. Payment limits: 1. Insurance allowances are not paid for deposits, funds, money, securities and debts that are not subject to the deposit guarantee (as noted in this form above). 2. Deposits recovered on the basis of a judgment in connection with money laundering or terrorist financing proceedings are not guaranteed. If the transfer of the bond was limited by the prejudice of the Estonian rapid courier service or if the deposit was seized in the context of a criminal proceeding for money laundering or terrorist financing, the compensation of the surety is suspended until the judgment is set aside or the court decision has come into force.