Uleth Driver Agreement

su.operations@uleth.ca, or 403-329-2017, for: `Help with event planning for on-campus events.` su.manager@uleth.ca, or 403-329-2769, To: Help with the planning of events for off-campus events, trips or conferences. First aid training – WHMIS. University officials said the end of hockey programs follows three consecutive years of cuts to the school`s operating grant, and more than 60 positions within the school have been eliminated in the past six months due to budget cuts. As a result, he and his teammates learned of U of L`s decision to unplug men`s and women`s variety hockey programs, which influenced 52 student-athletes, as part of ongoing efforts to reduce the institution`s operating budget. Asked if he thought the frustrations were justified, U President Mike Mahon said he would have been surprised if he had not and understood their problems. The University of Lethbridge announced Monday that it is suspending its hockey programs and blinding 52 student-athletes and coaches who say they were not informed in advance of the decision. I think I speak for teammates as well as friends of @HornsHockey and @HornsWHockey when I say that we feel like we were sold by @uLethbridge and @UofLPronghorns. The same institutions we hockey players literally shed blood sweat and tears both on the ice and off. While Hirsche`s legacy will never diminish, White says it`s sad that the scholarship doesn`t help bring people to the town where his former captain grew up.

The university said the decision was based solely on a budget decision made as a result of unprecedented provincial cuts, with both programs costing the U of L just over $700,000 a year. “We wondered why we didn`t have the opportunity to raise funds or find ways to fund the program, I think. We had many questions and none of our concerns received any response or recognition as I would have liked,” White said, adding that everyone was even more frustrated with the situation.