Validity Of Unregistered Agreement

The clauses of a sales contract are important because they will deduce anything that leads to success. Dear customer this agreement is invalid, send a legal opinion to this owner. Please click icon. ADV SUNIL KUMAR SINGH 1. Since the potential buyer has not kept his promise to pay the balance within the agreed 4-month period, you can terminate the contract with a notification from a lawyer. Section 49 of the Registration Act 1908 deals with the effect and validity of an unregured document to be recorded. It states that no documents, as indicated in Section 17 (or a provision of the Property Act, 1882) The question to be answered is whether a non-registered sales contract, acquired by measure or executed for the benefit of a person in possession, i.e. an agreement that includes a partial benefit, a sale agreement covered by section 53A of the TPA, can be obtained as evidence of the agreement and whether legal action for a given benefit would be based on such an unregified agreement. The purpose of Section 53A of the TPA gives the defendant the right to protect his property from the vector. It is also available against those who assert their rights under its care, such as heirs, rights holders and final agents. This section should be used in an orderly manner as a defence and not as a weapon of attack.

Hon`ble Punjab-Haryana High Court dismissed the appeal and expressed a respectful rejection of Gurbachan Singh V. Raghubir Singh, where there is a dispute over the status of the Court of Appeal on the basis of an unregistered sales agreement with respect to Section 17 (1A) and Section 49 of the Registration Act. Conflicts between two single bench judgments appeared in court. In the case of Gurbachan Singh V. Raghubir Singh,[6] the Hon`ble court ruled that the agreement reached by the delivery of the property is inadmissible for sale if it is not registered, but in the case of Birham Pal-Ors. V. Niranjan Singh – Golds. [7] the Court held that such an agreement may form the basis for an appeal for a defined benefit, on the basis of Section 49 of the Registration Act.

These two cases are contradictory and are contrary to the legal status of two sections of the Indian Registration Act. 5) You may pay a legal reference for the termination of the agreement on the buyer`s failure to pay the balance and refund Rs 1 lakh. is valid. 2.You send a legal opinion to force the 3.If it does not, then take legal action for certain services as soon as possible, because there are already 2.5 years. valid only for 3 years. K.RENUGADEVI ADVOCATE Here is what should be included in your purchase contract There is no savings/deeming regulation according to the law that examines the fate of the above unregant ATS that were executed before May 1, 2017.