Wayleave Agreement Northern Ireland

If we need permission to install new equipment on private land, we will send a request to the landowner. These include the route plan, the agreement and the explanation of why we need permission. Once this has been signed and returned to the signalling team, it gives us permission to install the device on the landowner`s property. If the owner of the land or property is also the person requesting our service, we do not need to walk. As a general rule, a leave of absence is an agreement in progress without a deadline. This will continue to apply to the device that covers it, even if the owner of the land or land changes. Website: Click here to access information on the NIE Networks payments website. Power grid managers and landowners are joining an agreement called the Wayleave Agreement regarding the use of a particular land by the network manager. A written agreement between us and the landowner. It gives us permission to install, maintain or repair the network equipment on their property. We could pay them a fee.

You will find their details on the documents we have already sent you. Please indicate the path reference if you have one. It starts with SA or NA and NI if you are in Northern Ireland. An annual rent is paid to any landowner who has entered into a transfer agreement with NIE Networks. More details on payments and their calculation. These are wires that “fly” over a field of telegraph pylons on another ground. Sometimes we can install them without the need for a lane, but only if: we need an agreement to install or repair Openreach appliances on private land where they provide services to people who are not the rightful owner of the land. For example, providing services to a customer. However, with regard to the case of Mr. and Mrs. McKibbin, Sir Reg Weir explained how they had requested the withdrawal of nie aircraft after the last of their voluntary agreements expired in 2009. During the Covid 19 situation, we will process requests for omissions online.

SONI is responsible for obtaining the consent of the landowners necessary for the installation and the possibility of reflection of NIE Networks in order to install and maintain new transmission infrastructure above and beyond the owners` properties. If planning authorities authorize the development of a new transportation infrastructure, SONI will seek agreement from each owner before NIE Networks begins to build the new infrastructure. These omission agreements are voluntary. They allow NIE Networks to enter the land defined in the agreement and perform certain tasks. Wayleave`s agreements govern the use of a particular terrain by network operators to install, reach and operate equipment reliably and safely. Landowners are entitled to an annual rent payment or compensation under the terms of the contract. To change or provide us with your payment details, fill out this form.